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Aircon Servicing or Aircon Maintenance or Aircon Cleaning

Many people do not appreciate the importance of aircon servicing though it is necessary to maintain the performance of the aircon.  It also minimizes energy consumption.

Frequently, the reasons for not servicing the aircon is usually “My aircon is working properly so I do not have to waste money maintaining it”.

Importance of Aircon Servicing

It is important for us to service our aircon because it affects the quality of air we breath in the room.  In addition, when the aircon is not cleaned and maintained properly, it is less energy efficient.  As such, electric consumption will be higher and the life span of aircon system will be shorter.  Have you considered the cost of repairing and replacing an aircon?  Have you considered the cost of falling sick?  Do you know how inconvenient it is to reinstall a new aircon when it breaks down?

The solution to the above issues is to maintain your aircon properly.  Aircon maintenance should be scheduled and performed periodically by a certified aircon professional.  When aircon’s filter,  fins and other components become dirty over time from the process of drawing in and blowing out air, bacteria builds up and the air quality is compromised.  A dirty aircon also affects the transfer of heat in the aircon.  This makes the aircon works harder in order to maintain the required temperature.

When there is regular aircon servicing and maintenance, the aircon is less likely to break down.  During aircon servicing, the aircon professional may discover other aircon problems like drain pipe blockage and water  accumulation, aircon leakage, aircon is not cooling the room effectively, aircon switching off by itself, etc.  It is therefore important to schedule for aircon servicing or cleaning by a certified aircon professional periodically.

Aircon servicing and maintenance can range from simple aircon cleaning to complicated aircon overhaul.

Simple Aircon Cleaning, Aircon Chemical Cleaning or Aircon Steam Cleaning

There are different types of aircon cleaning.  Simple Cleaning, Chemical Cleaning, Steam Cleaning or a mixture of Chemical and Steam Cleaning. So which is the best aircon maintenance method?

Aircon Simple Cleaning

aircon servicing

aircon servicing

Simple Cleaning uses mainly water and mild aircon detergent and is usually the cheapest cleaning method. It is gentle on the aircon and therefore may not be effective in getting rid of bacteria and stubborn dirt and stains accumulated over time in the aircon. If you have not been maintaining your aircon consistently, you may wish to adopt a more aggressive aircon servicing method for the first time.  Aircon chemical cleaning would be the recommended method for aggressive aircon cleaning.

Aircon Chemical Cleaning

aircon maintenance - chemical cleaning

aircon maintenance – chemical cleaning

Chemical cleaning is the use of either an acidic or alkaline solution for aircon servicing to remove the stubborn dirt accumulated in the aircon overtime. It is sometimes call aircon chemical overhaul especially if the aircon needs to be taken down and brought to another place for chemical cleaning.

Chemical cleaning is effective if the right chemical is used. That means the chemical is certified and approved for aircon cleaning usage. Moreover, the aircon professional carrying out the cleaning should be well-trained to perform the task.  With chemical cleaning, the performance of your aircon should improve as it effectively removes bacteria, stubborn dirt and stains accumulated over time in the aircon unit.

Should you use the acidic or alkaline chemical solution for your aircon servicing? Acidic chemical solution is very effective when it comes to aircon servicing or cleaning.  The acidic nature of the chemical dissolves anything which it comes into contact.  As such, the level of concentration of the solution and how quickly you wash it off determines the level of corrosion to the aircon components.  Alkaline solution is milder.  It does not dissolve or damage aircon components as readily as acidic solution.   But it will still corrode the aircon components if it is left on the aircon components for too long. Whether it is acidic or alkaline chemical solution, the solution must be thoroughly rinsed to avoid corrosion of aircon components.

After your aircon servicing with chemical solution, the heat transfer process in the aircon system should improve substantially.  You should feel the coolness of aircon quite immediately.  The chemical also gets rid of the damp odour when the aircon is switched on.  Read more about aircon chemical cleaning on a separate page.

It is important to find a trusted and reliable aircon professional for your aircon servicing, especially aircon chemical cleaning.  You do not wish to engage an unethical aircon person who dilutes the chemical solution till it is ineffective for aircon chemical cleaning.

As a layman to aircon servicing, it may be difficult to understand the level of concentration in the chemical solution for your aircon servicing. Fret not! Let us introduce you to Steam cleaning.  It is a good alternative to Chemical cleaning.

Aircon Steam Cleaning

aircon servicing - steam cleaning

aircon servicing – steam cleaning

Steam cleaning is an aircon servicing process where jets of steam or water vapour is used to clean the aircon. The heat should kill the bacteria or germs and effectively remove the dirt. Though steam cleaning can avoid the situation of corrosion in fins and coils, the level of dirt and stain removed may not be as effective as chemical cleaning.

If you are keen in this method of aircon servicing, read more about it on a separate page focusing solely on aircon steam cleaning.

Both Aircon Chemical and Steam Cleaning at the same time

We would highly recommend a combination of chemical and steam cleaning for your aircon servicing.  This is probably the best option.  When steam cleaning is performed after chemical cleaning, the steam should thoroughly rinse the chemical solution from the aircon components.  With such combination of aircon servicing, the corrosion from chemical solution will be minimized.

Frequency of Aircon Servicing

How often should you peform your aircon servicing and maintenance?  The frequency of aircon servicing should depend on the usage of aircon. If you use it every day, it is recommended that the aircon servicing be done every 2 to 3 months. If you use it less frequently, perhaps the aircon servicing should be done every 4 to 5 months. If you seldom use your aircon, you should still switch it on at least once a week and have it checked every 6 months.  This is recommended by aircon technicians to ensure the aircon system works properly.  Some technicians experienced aircon malfunctioning after it was not switched on for a long time.

How much would aircon servicing cost?  Do you know the market price or rates for aircon servicing? We have a dedicated page to update you on the market rates or prices of aircon servicing in Singapore.

Besides the scheduled aircon servicing and maintenance by aircon professional, you may wish to perform monthly aircon cleaning on your own for better and healthier living environment.  Monthly aircon cleaning is particularly important during the haze season as it removes the pollutants from the aircon filtration system and keep the aircon at best condition.  You should also increase the frequency of aircon servicing and maintenance when the haze is here.

During your monthly cleaning, the following signs may trigger the requirement for thorough aircon servicing:

How to Perform Monthly Aircon Servicing or Cleaning on Your Own?

aircon servicing - cleaning filter

aircon servicing – cleaning filter

For monthly aircon servicing, you just have to follow the following steps:

  1. Take out the filter and vacuum them. Thereafter, just wash them with water.
  2. Clean the reachable surface of the aircon.
  3. If there is strong odour, you may wish to bring forward your periodic aircon servicing and maintenance by the aircon professionals
  4. If you have a wet vacuum, you may wish to vacuum the end of the pipe. If there is slight blockage to the pipe, such monthly maintenance will prevent a full blockage.
  5. If you notice that your aircon fins are very dirty, it is time to call your aircon servicing and maintenance professional to clean it. Cleaning the fins yourself is not advisable because you can easily damage it.
  6. For aircon which you seldom use, switch it on every week for at least half an hour for the system to run. Aircon system may malfunction if it is not switched on for a long time.

That’s it, your monthly aircon servicing and maintenance is so simple. You may wish to read more about periodic aircon chemical cleaning and aircon steam cleaning.

Aircon’s Performance

The performance of aircon greatly depends on the aircon’s ability to remove heat via its components. A clean aircon system removes heat faster than one where dirt has accumulated. The dirt insulates rather than removes heat.  In addition, the size of the room and other factors (like having additional devices to aid the cooling process) also affect the performance of aircon.

Additional device like a ceiling fan encourages better air circulation in the room and this speeds up the cooling process. The fan helps to cool the room faster and saves electricity compared to relying solely on the aircon. With the fan, you may be able to cool the room pretty well and fast at 24 degree celsius instead of setting the aircon temperature at 21 degree celsius.

For energy efficiency, choose an aircon with 4 to 5 ticks in the energy efficient label. Such aircon is more energy efficient and therefore would save your monthly electricity bills.

Improving Aircon’s Performance without Increasing Aircon Servicing Frequency

Sometimes the effectiveness of aircon’s cooling ability is not due to the aircon servicing and maintenance issue but because the room is not designed to promote the effectiveness of aircon performance. Below are simple ways to make aircon performs at the optimal level without increasing the frequency of aircon servicing.

rubber seal for aircon effectiveness

Door Rubber Seal to Promote Aircon Effectiveness

Sealing Door Gap to reduce heat transfer and promote aircon effectiveness

Seal the gap under the door for more effective aircon cooling. How do you do that? Just buy a rubber door seal and fix it at the bottom of the door. If the edges around the door also leave a small gap when the door is closed, you may wish to buy rubber/silicon tape to seal such gaps to ensure that the external heat does not enter the room and affect the effectiveness of aircon in cooling the room.

Reflective Window Film to Reduce Greenhouse Effect and promote aircon effectiveness

By having a reflective window film, it reduces the greenhouse effect as a result of the sunlight. As such, the rate of cooling the room by the aircon is not offset by the rate of heating the room as a result of greenhouse effect. Not only it is effective in the day, it is also effective at night because the room (which is not heated up in the day) will be able to cool faster at night.

When you seal the door well and reduce the greenhouse effect, your aircon does not have to work so hard and therefore aircon servicing and maintenance frequency can remain the same to improve aircon effectiveness.

Why Choose Aircon Servicing Singapore?

Taking a Long Term Approach

We provide excellent and complete aircon services – from basic aircon servicing and maintenance to aircon repair and installation. We only recommend what is necessary to our clients and we take the extra step to ensure that the aircon is in excellent condition after every aircon servicing session.

Educating our Client

Our aircon servicing professionals provide advice and educate the clients if there are any areas which the clients need to pay more attention.

Experienced Aircon Servicing Professionals

We have stringent hiring process for aircon professionals and only the experienced aircon professionals are hired. With them, you can be assured that your aircon servicing and maintenance are carried out properly and skillfully.  Moreover, any signs of  aircon problems should be spotted at an early stage by these experienced aircon professionals during the periodic aircon maintenance.  The problems will then be rectified as early as possible so that it would not affect other components and would minimize any costs of repair.

Immediate Attention for Aircon Repair

We know how it feels when your aircon breaks down especially when the weather is hot. Our aircon professionals are always on standby and will be activated as soon as possible to repair your aircon.

Affordable Aircon Services

The pricing for our quality services is always between the low to mid range as we understand that our clients should get professional aircon services without burning a hole in their pockets.

Contact us now for any aircon services. The common aircon services are:

We are expert in aircon servicing and repairing of the following aircon brands:

Recommended Aircon Maintenance Schedule with Yearly Aircon Overhaul

Aircon overhaul or aircon chemical overhaul is recommended once a year to provide a good clean up for your aircon. The overhaul would take some time and it is usually performed off-site (i.e. not at your residence). You can be sure that your aircon is in the best condition if you follow our 3 simple steps below:

  1. Simply monthly personal maintenance performed by yourself like cleaning the filter and spotting unusual symptoms.
  2. Quarterly aircon servicing and maintenance every 3 months by an aircon professional preferably a steam cleaning is performed.
  3. Yearly aircon overhaul or aircon chemical overhaul.

At Aircon Servicing Singapore, we have qualified aircon professionals to handle all your aircon servicing needs as well as aircon repairs and other maintenance.  We offer value-for-money aircon servicing package which includes quarterly aircon servicing plus aircon chemical overhaul. Call us now at (+65) 6681-6682 to arrange for an aircon servicing or inspection date.

Find out more about aircon installation and different types of aircon (including inverter aircon) if you are installing a new aircon.  Please read aircon problems and aircon repair if you are facing some issues with your aircon.